Sophi is a 13 year old singer/songwriter/musician born in Ann Arbor, MI. She started singing and putting on shows for her family when she was four. She got her main start by playing music for her friends in the school cafeteria and playing open mics throughout the Livingston, Oakland, & Washtenaw County areas. She wrote her first song at 9 and put out her professional EP “Stories”at age 11. She has written music and recorded songs for the Hollywood Film, Music, and Tv Library and been featured in four films as of 2019.  Sophi is fond of playing at charity events, street fairs, and festivals, along with coffeehouse music venues so she can connect with people who love music.

Sophi’s song “Stay” was written about her brother and his wife. Her oldest brother served our country and was deployed for much of her life when she was little. When he and his wife came home to visit Sophi knew they would have to go back. She wrote the song while they were sleeping and tearfully sang it to them the day before their departure. The song was well received at a local Star Search competition that she was so grateful to win, and she wrote her EP “Stories” soon after.  13-year-old find Sophi’s music on most music distribution and streaming sites, such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, YouTube, and more. 
Sophi’s hobbies other singing and playing music include musical theater, art, and writing poems and stories. Aside from performing she would love to be an author. If you are located in the Ann Arbor, MI area you may have seen Sophi in Jr shows like “School of Rock” &  “Newsies”.
Sophi has been featured on Ann Arbor radio’s 107.1 Acoustic Brunch with John Bommarito. She was so excited to hear herself on the radio! 

Sophi is honored to be a Kawasaki Kids Foundation Ambassador. She had the childhood disease when she was only four months old and was in a coma for 9 days. University of Michigan’s pediatric Dr. Pituch recognized the systems and she received a dose or IVIG medicine just in time to save her life. She will forever will grateful for a second chance to 13-year-old journey of her life. Some kids are still misdiagnosed or undiagnosed to this day and have had extreme complications and sadly some are fatal. All of this can get better with the awareness of what the symptoms are. Some KD families need help with acquiring medicine that can be very expensive like a heart and kidney transplant. She has done a benefit concert in Colorado for Kawasaki Kids Foundation and also gone to Ryan Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital in Denver to promote awareness and raise funds for the families effected by KD. The song “ Braver “ on her EP “Stories” was released in dedication to a brave boy named Cooper. 100% of the profits from the song go to KKF. You can learn more about Kawasaki Kids on Facebook and Instagram by searching “Kawasaki Kids Foundation”. Sophi has recently recorded the song “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” for GivingSongs.Org to raise funds for children who are both visually impaired and disabled. 

Sophi is a creative soul and hopes to be able to share her journey through writing, music, & art.